Learning Bot
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Gamified Learning
Engage and motivate the students with score boards, reward points and badges. Build healthy competition amongst the peers and motivate them to take more exercises and learning.
Competency based education
Every student is different. So is their pace to learn. Using technology students who could not keep pace with regular sessions could opt for competency based education on their digital devices.
Build courses in diverse streams and enroll students
Build a complete ecosystem for learning by enrolling students for diverse set of courses & defining a individual learning paradigm.
Interactive classes with video integration and live streaming
Create your own videos, upload to your mobile app and align them with respective course content. You can also integrate videos from external sources as youtube, vimeo and any multiple other video sharing platforms.

Live stream videos to your viewers on your mobile app.
Integration of external information sources
Integrate encylopedia, information from other sources, external url or serve content through REST API's. We help you integrate all.
Browse through topics
Accessibilty for quick learning and browsing through information from our myriad of quick browse windows.
Create exercises for every topic, chapter and subject
Exercise helps students gain perspective to the context of what they are learning. With our platform you have broad scope of creating exercise for topics, lessons and subject with stipulated time settings, solution overview and step by step explanation for mistakes.
Mock tests
The adrenaline rush, the extended preparation marathons and the competitive spirit is what make our tests worthy. With our platform you can mock the real time testing environment and practice.
You can always mark your favorite questions for revision, you can analyse your tests and create markers, revisit questions, submit within the stiuplated time being kept a record of by our dynamic timer.
Question Grid
Browse through your questions and stay informed with the total number of quesions attempted, skipped and marked for revision, with our color coded question grid.
Comprehensive analtyical reports based on your practice sessions, mock tests and content access metrics .
Q & A
Stay open for discussion with your peers and faculty members on particular subject, lessons or topics. Promote the topics of importance, mark your favorites and share with your peers.
Answer questions
Faculty & peer community can answer the questions with our easy to access window.
Upload pictures of notes, diagrams and complex equations
It's easier to write, draw a diagram and express. Just click a picture or upload with your gallery. It's easy to express.
Social Learning & Notifications
Keep student on track with automated notifications and update them for recent advancements with our push notifications.
Offer scholarships and define payment plans
Engage your students with notifications for achieving goals and securing scholarships. Define payment plans for courses.
Integrate payment gateway
Define payment schedules, receive payments through major modes of payment as debit cards, credit cards, UPI and internet banking.
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